Team building

Team Building:Oishii Way
Oishii’s team building creates a new dimension of engagement across your corporate team. 
The setting is lively and artesian neighborhoods of Tokyo, and you’ll bond with your colleagues as together we collect an authentic sense of Japan through food and culture.


Activity examples

Scavenger Hunt

Work on fun quests as teams. Various locations and different activities to choose from.
Such as photo quest in Shibuya, shopping quest in Tsukiji Fish Market, mystery solving in old town neighborhood, etc.

街を 舞台にチームで協力して色んなお題に挑みましょう。渋谷でフォトチャレンジ、築地でお買い物ゲーム、谷中で謎解きなど場所やテーマは様々。

Sushi making

First time? No problem. Sushi professional will show you how to make nigiri or roll. Work as a team and present your team’s best sushi.
Let’s see which team’s sushi will be chosen as the best sushi of the day.


Fishing Competition

Let’s see who can catch a fish first! Restaurant will prepare your fish however you want them to cook.


Bento Making

There is no right or wrong for making bento. We’ll prepare plenty of useful bento kit. Be creative as you can be! We can go picnic if the weather is nice!



Sake Tasting, Craft Beer Tasting, Whisky Tasting, Cocktail Making, etc
Everyone put on a blindfold and discuss with your team what ingredients are in the dishes.
Tips of using chopsticks. Then chopstick challenge. Moving beans to another plate.

We’ll book a rental space or restaurant depending on the area, size of the group and activities you’d like to do.

We can arrange activities for group of ten to sixty guests or more. Please feel free to contact us regarding the number of guests, combing activities, price, etc. Also, we’ll try our best to accommodate if you have request or ideas for activities.